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A Word From Our Board Members

A Word from our Administrator ~ Bruce Davis

A big congratulations to Jim Viverito on receiving his Pilgrim Degree of Merit, the 
highest honor that can be bestowed upon a member of the Loyal Order of Moose. The conferral was held in the House of God at Mooseheart, IL on Saturday June 3, 2017. The degree, currently is held by less that one-half of one percent of the members of the fraternity. Another big congrats to Ernie Bruss on receiving his Fellowship degree in St Louis last week-end at the Illinois Moose Association convention. Thanks to both of you for all you have done to make our fraternity stronger and better in many ways. 

Moose Fest Five was once again a great success serving great food, drinks and outstanding entertainment for our members and our community. Thanks so much to all the volunteers working together to make this an outstanding event. This is our way of  giving back to the community with donations to Mooseheart, Lockport FISH Food Pantry and Lockport Resource Center. This is the first year that I have noticed residence thanking volunteers for donating so much of their time and resources to make this a great event. It also gave us the opportunity to show off our lodge and newly remodeled banquet room. We signed up at least ten new members maybe more which is a great accomplishment.

A couple new events this year with Coyote Jay the DJ having a County & Western night in the banquet facility. If your in to C&W you'll have a great time with dancing and actual dancing lessons throughout the night. His next event is Friday October 20th come join the fun. Something new at the Moose starting Saturday  October 21st. Comedy Night featuring Mike Preston and Vince Maranto, if your into comedy I'm sure you recognize these names. We will have a dinner show for only $20.00 per person. Tickets will be available shortly in the lodge and also on line.

Our first Moose Orientation for new members will be on Friday Sept 22nd. Something we have done in the past and looking forward to doing again on a regular basis. This will be hosted by Barb Scott and myself with a few other members. We'll start with a FREE meal followed by a short film presentation about Mooseheart and Moosehaven, following the movie we'll have a question and answer period. New members are encouraged to bring a guest if they wish and we'll have you back doing your thing in a couple hours while becoming Moose smart.  

A Word from Our Governor ~ Bob Harcar

Summer is in full swing and the annual migrations from resturants and business to the backyard grills is in full swing.  The Lodge is feeling this as well.  Don't forget about the Lodge when you make your summer plans !  We still have great food, great bands and great company throughout the summer.

Many thanks and our are hats are off to those who answered the call to assist with Texas Hold Em'.  Bruce, Bob Tortorelli, Nora and Wally, along with Jerry and Wayne Veres helped make this an event a success and their help was very much appreciated.  This event is an extremely important part of the Lodge and Moose Legion and contributes tremendously to their ability to help the Lodge finance many of our functions and infrastructure improvements.  Many of the improvements or repairs that you see are due mainly in part to the generosity of the Legion and the success of this event.  The next scheduled event is set for August 25 and a sign-up sheet will be available on the bulletin board.  Please consider lending a hand for an hour or two, it helps out a great deal.

The Annual Moose picnic was a huge success !  Perfect weather, great work in planning by Bob Lang and the culinary stylings of the three Bob's and Rick made it a wonderful day.  Special thanks to our WOTM and Bob Jostes for the baskets that were raffled off as well as the Lodge, it's members and the Moose Riders for all the food and drinks.  A great day was had by all. 

Our highly anticipated annual mini-Woodstock is fast approaching, MooseFest.  Two days of fun, food and music.  The LOOM and the WOTM are always looking for a helping hand with this annual event.  Help is needed in many areas from the grill to ticket taking to clean-up.  A sign-up sheet also will be made available on the bulletin board.  I look forward to seeing you there on the 25th and 26th.

Remember, any member in good standing is more than welcome to attend a meeting of the Board.  If you would care to see the ins and outs of how your Board makes decisions for the Lodge, just let me know and you're in!

Ever wonder what it would be like to be the Governor or Prelate or Trustee at the General Meeting?  Ever think " I could do that"?  Starting today, we are starting a "learning series" which will give every LOOM member the opportunity to have a chance to actually sit in as a Board Member "pro tem" at the General Membership meetings.  This extends to all positions from Inner Guard to the Governor's podium and is a great opportunity to see what it's really like or if you may be interested in joining the Board.

Let's talk money, everyone likes money.  I want to take this opportunity to put my banker hat on and extend some advice to our members as well as their family and friends.  Hang with me as it may start to bore you but it's worth it.  During the year, banks as well as other companies turn over assets that belong to you and I to the States.  They don't want to do this but this is mandated by the government and the technical term for this is called "escheatment".  Now it could be anything.  Safety deposit boxes from Great Grandpa who passed, a gift card you lost with a balance on it or an old savings account or bonds when you were a kid.  You could have had a refund from Walmart where they gave you store credit or an old uncashed dividend check, who knows.

The bad thing is that many states will only hang onto your physical asset (like jewelry or coins) for a short period of time before they will sell it and hold onto the money "on your behalf".  Now I have never known a politician to do me any favors so what is actually happening is that they sell the assets, "deposit" the funds into an account and as it could be decades before someone comes forward, use the money to pay their bills.  The typical State of Illinois shell game.

Anyway, each year I take some time out and search the databases for my name or my family or friends.  The website for Illinois is called www.cashdash.net and the site for a national search I use is called www.missingmoney.com .  Also, some states do not use the national database and have their own sites.  Use the link at https://www.missingmoney.com/Main/StateSites.cfm , the states in gray have their own site and you can access them just by clicking on the state.  The sites are easy to use and who knows, you may find a few bucks out there you never knew about.   

And yes, if you enter Moose or Moose Lodge you will see some of our Lodges out there (not
us).  I'll be going through the list of them and sending them a head's up soon.

A Word from Our Senior Regent ~ Sherri Pierce

I would like to personally congratulate Tammy Neff as our new WOTM Grand Deputy Region of Illinois. The board of officers want to let hr know we're very proud of her and will do whatever she needs to have a stress less year. Congratulations!!!!

 Now on to WOTM business. We are always looking for volunteers so please don't be shy. Come and help the chapter and lodge on every other Sunday at the breakfast, we have many events coming up this year and next. If your interested in helping always keep your eye out on the board in the lodge for a sign up sheet. Our next event is Kim Galvan's Star Recorder dinner. It will be Sept. 10th at 2 pm. Please RSVP to 815-560-2695 (Text please) or email bingo317@ameritech.net.

 The lodge will have a Halloween costume party (costumes not mandatory) downstairs. There will be prizes for the best costume, most original, etc. Bring a dish to pass please. The band will be "In four days", and let me tell you the are awesome! November 5th will be having Dawn Viverito's College night dinner. RSVP to 815-325-0741 or email sherripierce1380@yahoo.com. November 18th will be our Draw Down event, upstairs at the moose. Will be selling tickets for $10.00 a ticket, which will include your dinner. You have a chance to win $1000.00. We will have raffles with many prizes and 50/50 at the dinner. Tickets will be sold by board members or at the lodge. Last but not least, the WOTM our doing a Christmas fundraiser December 9th. We are asking for vendors that are our members to help. Tables will be $10.00 and we're asking for an item or basket to raffle off. We're asking for crafters too. We are doing a cookie exchange that day and bring your children down to decorate cookies. Will be doing a coloring contest from October-December 9th. Vote for the kids and adult pictures. More details to come. Reminder that we have the WOTM Wednesday night bingo. Doors open at 5 and bingo starts at 7. Come join our new bingo forum. Come see all the changes we have made.

I would also like to thank the Board, LOOM and the lodge for helping us have a good year so far and all they have done to make the WOTM feel like we're part of the team! 

A Word from Our Moose Legion Chairman ~ Bob Sievert

I am happy to announce I have returned as your appointed Moose Legion Chairman. As most of you know, I held this position for consecutive terms in the past. For those of you who don’t know me, I have been a Moose member since 2002 and a Moose Legion member since about 2005. My wife Lynette, who is a member of the Women of the Moose, and I have 3 beautiful daughters, a granddaughter and 2 grandsons. Lynette and I were part of many functions for the kids as well as participating in adult activities. A few years ago, I felt it was time to step back and pay more attention to my family. Now our daughters have grown into amazing young adults and due to the asking, I felt this was as good a time as any to step back in.

As your chairman, my main goal is to continue the great tradition we have had as a Moose Legion unit in doing good for our lodge, community and fellow brothers. I want to create some fun activities, bring back some that we used to do, all while being productive. At our last meeting, we talked about potentially moving the monthly meeting to a different day and possible time. I would like everyone’s input on this as well as activities. Personally, I miss the old smokers we used to have and I think it’s important to have a volunteer party for those who choose to donate a portion of their time during the year. We greatly need volunteers. What better way to do some good for others while building comradely?

Our next meeting is scheduled for the 2nd Sunday in September, 9/10/17. Please mark your calendars so that we can have a productive meeting discussing our future as Moose Legion members.

If anyone has any questions and/or suggestions, please contact me at (630)-989-4545.

A Word From Our Camping Club Chairman ~ Bob Jostes

By now I usually write in my article that things are winding down, but we still have a few more campouts to go. WooHoo! I did check the long term forecast and there is no rain predicted. A further check of my crystal ball showed some snow in the future! Get it. OK, moving on.
Mid May was the Illinois Moose Association campout with the students from Mooseheart. It’s always enjoyable to mingle with the students and refresh your memory of why it’s important to be a Moose!
Then in June it was on to Big Rock Campground where we stopped at South Moon Barbeque for some dinner. The Fourth of July weekend was spent at Hickory Hollow for the fireworks. We also went to Sycamore RV Resort in July and managed to stop at the Sycamore Moose Lodge to socialize with our Moose brothers and sisters. Somehow we also tried out a little wine tasting in the area. Then in August we went to Rantoul by the old Air Force base, stayed at Prairie Pines and checked out the flea market in Gordyville for some good buys.
Now in September we are headed to Illini State Park to see and listen to the tugboats as they pass by the park on the river. In October our last campout will be back at Hickory Hollow for the Burgoo Fest in Utica, IL. It will be a little bittersweet as the owners of the campground are closing and retiring. We wish them well. 
I would like to welcome Ron and Patty Dettman from the Lockport Moose and Gary Woods and Diane Okrzesik from Plainfield Moose to the Lockport Moose Camping Club.

A Word From Our Moose-rider Chairman ~ Bill Rock

Unfortunately no report this month.