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                    ​A Word From Our Board Members

A Word from our Administrator ~ Bruce Davis

Some sad news in case you haven't heard Clete Bullinger our eldest Pilgrim passed in February. I never personally met Clete but have always heard great stories of his hard work and dedication to our lodge and fraternal organization. Several Pilgrims and Fellows journeyed to Piper City, IL to perform our Moose Memorial Service for him and his family. Thanks to all who helped and blessings to his wife and family during these most difficult times.

On to the good things, we have started remodeling of our banquet hall better known as (Berry Hall). Everything is being ripped out and we're getting rid of the 70's look. We're putting in new walls, ceiling, electric, fire system, cameras, drywall, paint, floor and much more. The largest project since I have been administrator and it's going to look great. Our plans are to be able to host more upscale events which of course will bring more revenue into our lodge. Keep this is mind for weddings, class reunions, Christmas parties and much more. If everything goes as planned we should have it available for rent on April 1st.

Brunches for March will be cancelled, however the social quarters kitchen is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday for many tasty treats. Bored during the week, stop in and catch Bob Abrams singing and playing the guitar every Tuesday night 6:30 till 8:30 I bet you could throw a few extra bucks in his tip jar and maybe he just might play a little longer. Don't forget to grab a bite to eat during the show. Our annual corned beef and cabbage will be Saturday March 18th this year. $4.00 for members, $7.50 for carry outs. Every Friday night live entertainment always FREE for members, guest $5.00. Karaoke every 2nd and 4th Saturday come in and show us your hidden talents.

In case you were hiding behind the door I will share this once again. Moose International is having a special program for FIRST RESPONDENTS. Now until April 30th any Active Military, Law Enforcement Officer, Fire Fighter or EMT dues will be waived for the first year. This is normally $80.00 for men and $50.00 for women what a deal. This is the first time I have ever seen Moose do something like this! Now is the time to sign up your neighbor, family member or anyone wearing that badge, stripes or bars! I just received 500 new blank application forms, so grab a few and sign up that new member. Who knows it might even work with the red lights flashing behind your car. Officer I have a deal for you... (Well maybe not) Think Spring.

A Word from Our Governor ~ Bill Rock

Hello we are quickly coming up on spring. Changes are being made upstairs and soon changes in the board will take place. If you are interested in a position on the board please see Bruce Davis or any of the officers for nomination information. Be sure you check your email for information on up coming events.

Congratulations to Loyd Sanders on his Moose of The Year, thank you on your hard work and dedication . We just had the midyear conference on attracting the younger crowd and membership retention. I would like to thank everyone who attended we had a nice weekend. We will be looking for volunteers for the kids Easter party and watch for details on a meat raffle to benefit the children's parties we want to keep these traditions going for generations to come. Remember we have Queen of hearts on Saturday night and music and food Tuesday and Friday nights.

A Word from Our Moose Legion Chairman ~ Dwayne Rodgers (Doodles)

Well this will be my last article. The next one will come from your new Moose Legion Chairman. If you are interested in serving as a chairman talk to the new governor of the lodge in May and let him know.

But while I am still here I have a couple of announcements. First Bingo is cancelled until April due to the renovation of the reception hall. Brunch will also be cancelled until April.

Now onto the things happening. We have Texas Hold'em Tournaments again this year. The 1st being May 19. If you are interested in helping a sign up sheet will be posted.

Have a great summer. Stay safe and don't forget the Lockport Moose stays open all summer too. Come down and take advantage of the fellowship, good food and great entertainment this summer. It isn't just for winter time.

A Word from Our Senior Regent ~ Linda Rodgers

Well the year is coming to a close. New officers will be installed on April 30 and we will start again. I have enjoyed this past year working with the lodge and co-workers to accomplish a few things. I hope I will be able to help the new board as much as I have been helped this past year by this board. Tammy, Kim, Samantha and last but not least Barb Scott. Thank you for the guidance you all gave me. I will try to give the new board as much as you gave me.

Now on to the plans still to be. April 29 we are planning a food themed party. Watch for posters.
There is No Wednesday evening Bingo for March due to the reception hall remodeling project. Hopefully April will give us a fresh new venue for WOTM Wednesday Bingo. Come see us then.

I know the LOOM will mention this but I thought I would too. Our Annual Memorial for our members that have passed this year will be held April 30 and I am pretty sure the time is 1:00 pm. Bruce will be sending notices to the families.

Have a good summer and be safe.

A Word from our Moose Riders Chairman ~ Bill Rock

I would like to thank Eric Gort for the great job he did with the moose riders last year . Eric is stepping down due to his personal work load and we thank him for his hard work and dedication. In the interim I will be helping out the Moose Riders in the up coming months.  

The Lockport Moose Riders will be hosting the The Mooseheart Blessing party on May 20th all are invited all vehicles are invited . The recording Artists The Righteous Hillbillies will be rocking the grove and there will be food vendors and raffles plan on coming out and having a great time and be sure to let your friends know all will be invited. Look for Moose Riders updates in articles soon to come

A Word from our Camping Club ~ Bob Jostes

As I type this March is upon us and it's starting to slowly warm up. The good thing is that with each passing day the first camp out draws closer. I can't wait.

The Lodge Feather Party is coming up on Friday, March 31st. starting at 6:00 pm. Come down and win a Turkey, Ham, the ever popular Salami, or even $Cash$. The Lodge Auction is scheduled for Friday, April 21st at 6:00 pm and Auctioneer Bob Neff will be there. Come on down and bid on something. Both of these fundraisers will ensure the three Kid's Parties will continue. The Campers have turned over their treasury to the lodge and a separate lodge account has been set up to cover the costs of the Kid's Parties.

The 2017 camping dates are posted on the Campers bulletin board in case you might be interested in going with us. The more the merrier.