Lockport Moose Lodge #1557
118 E 10th Street Lockport, IL 60441     Call Us (815) 838-3944
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Please check your membership card and make sure you are up to date. Don’t get left out from all the amazing things we do as a lodge! Renew your dues today - only $60 a year to keep your membership to the Lockport Moose!

Renewing your dues is super easy with these 4 options:
      1) Renew online at https://secure.mooseintl.org/QuickPay/Login    
      2) Call Member Services at 630-906-3658
      3) Stop by your Lodge and renew in person. 
      4) Use the app "Moose Membership"

If renewing online or by phone, you will need your member ID # (located on your card) and a credit card. 

Remember, keeping your membership current not only allows you to enjoy our lodge and activities - but also helps to support the children at Mooseheart and our seniors at Moosehaven.
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